Which BMW is the Fastest? How Can I Improve Performance?

When you want a fast car that really performs on the road, you need to look BMW. BMWs are known for the highest quality of engineering, design, and performance when they come from the factory. So, little needs to be done to make them greater than they already are. All of the BMW luxury brands...

Why are BMW Parts So Expensive?

A BMW can mean different things to different people – some see it as a status symbol while others see it as an ultimate driving machine due to its high revving engine. If you have a BMW, we know you love it for its high performance. But, when you are looking at having your BMW...

Should I Buy a Range Rover With Over 100,000 Miles?

When you’re searching for a used high-end SUV and you uncover a Range Rover with high mileage, you may not be sure that it is wise to purchase it. You may be wondering whether future costs of maintenance will be prohibitive. There are many reasons for purchasing a used Range Rover, not the least of...

Triangle Imports Partners with VRSF

At Triangle Imports, we are dedicated to sourcing parts and components from trusted, reputable sources, whether it’s a transmission or engine for a Mercedes-Benz or a charge pipe upgrade for a BMW, to ensure that every repair, update, or upgrade we do is guaranteed to last. It’s that dedication that leads us to being proud...

Jaguar XJ Repairs

Why Does My Jaguar Say “Restricted Performance”?

When the Restricted Performance light comes on the dashboard of your Jaguar, there are several possible causes, some more serious than others. It just takes a bit of time diagnosing to determine what needs to be done to eliminate the problem.

We’re Here to Help While Social Distancing

Don’t let your car’s regular maintenance or repairs go unfixed. We’re working during social distancing, and the “stay at home” mandate. Don’t worry about coming to us, we’ll come to you.

front grill on a volkswagen

Are Volkswagens Expensive to Maintain?

Many people believe Volkswagens are expensive to own and maintain. Is there any truth to that? Read more about how much VWs really cost and learn which makes are actually more expensive to repair!

should i buy a diesel range rover

Should I Buy a Diesel Range Rover?

In 2016, Land Rover added diesel Range Rover models to their lineup. What are the benefits of diesel and why would you choose diesel over gas? Let’s discuss the differences between diesel and gas engines and why you might choose a diesel Range Rover. The Difference Between Diesel and Gas Engines Diesel and gas engines...

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