Signs That You Have a Problem with Your Timing Chain

Audis that are 2005 or later more than likely utilize a timing chain. Learn the signs that your timing chain is failing so you can get repairs sooner and minimize the risk of needing an expensive engine repair.

Smoke coming from your Porsche Boxster is a sign of trouble

Why is My Porsche Boxster Smoking?

Noticing smoke coming from your Porsche Boxter’s exhaust? Learn which types of smoke are commonplace and the signs that it’s time to visit a mechanic.

Why are BMW Parts So Expensive?

BMWs are known for their luxury and excellent performance. In this article, we’ll break down how BMWs compare to other luxury automobiles in terms of repair and maintenance costs and explain why those things can be costlier.

Should I Buy a Range Rover With Over 100,000 Miles?

There are many great reasons people quickly come to love a luxury SUV like a Range Rover. So what if the one you’ve got your eye on has quite a few miles on it already? We’ll discuss the things that make this vehicle fantastic and whether you should invest in one with higher miles.

Jaguar XJ Repairs

Why Does My Jaguar Say “Restricted Performance”?

When the Restricted Performance light comes on the dashboard of your Jaguar, there are several possible causes, some more serious than others. It just takes a bit of time diagnosing to determine what needs to be done to eliminate the problem.

front grill on a volkswagen

Are Volkswagens Expensive to Maintain?

Many people believe Volkswagens are expensive to own and maintain. Is there any truth to that? Read more about how much VWs really cost and learn which makes are actually more expensive to repair!

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