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Can a Porsche 911 Be a Daily Driver?

When you think of everyday sports cars, you probably think of the Corvette, or maybe something from BMW or Jaguar. These cars are head-turners, sure to make your commute more interesting. But what about the Porsche 911? Can this iconic sports car really be a daily driver? Most people that have tried it say yes...


Can You Put Regular Gas in a BMW?

As a highly popular passenger and sport vehicle, the BMW has been a fan favorite for over 100 years. However, filling up at the pump can be costly, especially with increasing gas prices. Do you know if your BMW can operate on regular gas?

what does it mean when a Subaru steering wheel locks

What Does it Mean when a Subaru Steering Wheel Locks?

A locked Subaru steering wheel can pose a serious, and sometimes fatal, threat to drivers, especially when it happens unexpectedly. Here’s what it means when a Subaru steering wheel locks, some common reasons why this occurs, and how you can fix it.

what's the difference between a range rover and a land rover?

Range Rover vs Land Rover: What is the Difference?

A common question that many people ask is what is the difference between a Land Rover and Range Rover. They certainly resemble one another, have similar names, and require a generous payment. So, how are they different? Here are some answers.

We Launched Our New WordPress Website

Triangle Imports is proud to announce that our newly redesigned website has launched. Our new site is built in the easy-to-use content management system, WordPress, by Raleigh web design and internet marketing company TheeDigital.

Why is My Audi A4 Burning Oil and Overheating?

If you have an Audi A4, you may have noticed that you’re burning through oil faster than you ever have before. Your car may also overheat often, which can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your engine. Why do Audi A4s burn through oil so quickly and how can you fix the issue before...

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