When you think of everyday sports cars, you probably think of the Corvette, or maybe something from BMW or Jaguar. These cars are head-turners, sure to make your commute more interesting.

But what about the Porsche 911? Can this iconic sports car really be a daily driver? Most people that have tried it say yes – with a few caveats.

Features that Make the Porsche 911 a Realistic Daily Driver

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Who wouldn’t love driving a Porsche every day? When it comes to the 911, it’s surprisingly practical. As Porsche itself says, “a Porsche is not an everyday sports car. It’s a sports car for every day.”

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key factors that make the Porsche 911 an unexpectedly practical high-end sports car.

Porsche 911 Gas Mileage

Sports cars aren’t known for getting great gas mileage, which is something you’re probably concerned about if you’re looking for an everyday car.

Porsche 911 gas mileage depends on the model year but for most years, it’s around 20 MPG city and 25-30 MPG highway, for an average MPG of the low-mid 20s. That’s on par, or even better than, comparable sports cars. Each model year gets more fuel efficient so you’ll see better MPG with newer models.

While the 911’s gas mileage is decent for a sports car of this caliber, you’ll still pay extra at the pump because like most high-end cars, you’ll need to fill the tank with premium fuel.

Seating in the Porsche 911

Space is probably one of the biggest reasons people think the 911 can’t be a daily driver. This is a valid concern but for most people, there is enough space for everyday driving.

The Porsche 911 is a four-seater, but most 911 drivers agree that the rear seats are best suited for your coat or bag. The back seats are split by a wide transmission tunnel, making them the perfect size for small children but uncomfortably small for most adults. If your children are still in carseats, it’s possible to put them in a Porsche 911, but it’s not ideal.

On the other hand, the front seats are spacious and supportive, making it a great car for two people. If you don’t have children or you have another vehicle that can fit the whole family, the limited seating in the 911 probably won’t be an issue for you.

Porsche 911 Trunk Space

Another concern about making the Porsche 911 a daily driver is the trunk. The 911 engine is in the rear, meaning the trunk is in the front of the car. The trunk space you have will depend on the version and model year of your Porsche 911 and while it’s big enough for groceries and small suitcases, it’s not quite big enough for large items like golf clubs. For example, the size of the 2019 911 trunk is 4.4 – 5.1 cubic feet, about the size of a mini-fridge. Luckily, the rear seats of the Porsche 911 lay down, which more than doubles your storage space (and gives you room for your clubs!)

And if you’re really into the great outdoors, you can mount roof racks or roof boxes to your 911 for bikes, kayaks, or anything else you might need to carry.

Have You Made a Porsche 911 Your Daily Driver?

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