When you’re driving your Porsche and it accelerates without you giving the extra gas, it can become a scary problem. “Unintended acceleration” happens when there is some type of unexpected, uncontrolled acceleration of a car. It often comes with a loss of braking effectiveness as well.

If this happens to your Porsche, there are several reasons why this could be happening. Let’s take a look.

You’re at a complete stop, you tap the gas, but your car feels like it’s lunging forward.

This may be a problem if you have dual-clutches that are cold and they’re not warmed up enough. Try warming up your car for a longer amount of time before driving. You may also want to get this checked out by a mechanic.

You had your foot on the gas but wasn’t pressing hard and the car accelerated suddenly.

Checking the floor mats in this situation may be helpful. Many unintended acceleration incidents are due to floor mats that are installed improperly. If the floor mats are not put in the right way, they may interfere with the gas pedal, causing the sudden and unexpected acceleration.

Another cause may be the type of shoes you’re wearing. If you’re wearing wide shoes or winter boots, the shoe itself may catch the edge of the gas pedal and push down.

You notice the car accelerating and can’t seem to figure out the problem.

If you’ve checked the car mats and you don’t suspect a clutch problem, there could be an internal default. There are times when an acceleration problem is caused due to a default in the car. This will prompt the manufacturer to issue a recall. When this happens, you should receive a letter from the company as to how you can fix the problem. This is usually done free of charge.

Your engine’s RPM increases as well as the speed.

This type of problem could be because of a problem with the throttle body. If the throttle plate sticks and does not return to the right position, it could cause the car to accelerate unexpectedly.

Your car accelerated suddenly and you can’t stop it quickly.

If you find this happens to you, you may want to try to shift your car into neutral or park. By doing this, you can avoid trying to hit any other vehicles or objects. This is just a quick reaction to the problem and is by no means a repair to a problem that may be occurring. There could be an underlying reason why this is happening.


You’ll want to have this problem looked at as soon as possible. If this were to happen in major traffic or while you were traveling at high speeds, it could result in serious consequences.

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