Triangle Imports Partners With Integrated Engineering


If you are ready to elevate your Volkswagen or Audi to the next level and achieve incredible performance, the experienced team at Triangle Imports is uniquely positioned to make it happen. We are proud to announce that we are the only import auto repair and service center in Raleigh and the Triangle area to offer Integrated Engineering (IE)! By partnering with this leading developer of high-quality performance products, we can ensure your Volkswagen or Audi achieves maximum performance while still providing the reliability and dependability you need in your vehicle.

What Is Integrated Engineering?

Exclusive to Volkswagen and Audi, Integrated Engineering (IE) is a leading innovator and creator of high-performance vehicle parts. Founded in 2007 by Peter and David Blais, they and a team of developers, designers, and engineers work together to continually put out software tuning and performance products that improve speed, acceleration, and handling while also increasing the lifespan and longevity of the vehicle.

Software Tuning

It starts with the engine…While manufacturers equip vehicles with the same standard engine in every specific model trim, the one-size-fits-all engine isn’t optimal for every driver. Integrated Engineering’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) tuning allows you to tune your car in such a way to get the most power from it depending on your unique needs.

Think about it like this – living in Raleigh, we deal with a lot of heat but a mainly flat terrain, but if you lived in Asheville, you’d be driving more mountain terrain and temperature fluctuations. Your engine would be facing different challenges. IE’s ECU tuning allows you to achieve your engine’s full potential in a way that’s optimized to your needs and environment, and tuning can lead to an immediate change in your vehicle’s performance.

Our experienced techs can work with you to tweak and customize your vehicle to boost your HP, smooth out your handling, and get you better fuel economy.

For the majority of Volkswagen and Audi models, multiple stages are available. IE’s software tunes fit numerous Volkswagon and Audi models including:

  • B8 S4
  • B8.5 S4
  • S5
  • C7 A6
  • A7
  • SQ5
  • Q5
  • Golf R MK7
  • Golf GTI Mk7
  • Golf GTI MK7.5
  • MK7 GLI
  • MK7.5 GLI
  • RS3
  • TTRS
  • MK6 Golf R

And More!

Engine Builds and Components

In addition to software tuning, we can connect you with IE’s high-performance Volkswagen and Audi parts and components. They utilize an in-depth design process that can take years to master, from the design process to the comprehensive physical testing. Their goal is to have accurate, real-world data while ensuring they are putting out components that go beyond increasing performance but also go the distance with reliability and durability.

Our technicians are uniquely experienced in IE’s components and products, and this allows us to go beyond simple installation. We’ll work with you to determine which are the right parts for your vehicle to achieve optimal performance.

Trusted by enthusiasts, IE offers a huge array of products, including, but not limited to:


When it comes to engine builds, IE offers numerous high-power performance components including:

  • Air Intake Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Intercooler Systems
  • Power Kits
  • Turbo Upgrades
  • Engine Build Parts
  • Crate Engines
  • Crate Engines
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Engine Accessories
  • Fueling Solutions
  • Suspension & Drive Train

Schedule Your Next Performance Upgrade at Triangle Imports in Raleigh

Don’t settle for “run of the mill” when our performance tuning services can improve your driving experience, performance, and your vehicle’s longevity. Let our technicians work with you to combine the deal physical components with updated software and show you the difference it will make!  When your high-performance engine is due for a tune and an upgrade, schedule your appointment at Triangle Imports in Raleigh and experience the Integrated Engineering difference. To make your appointment, call us at (919) 828-7900 or fill out our online contact form!