At Triangle Imports, we are dedicated to sourcing parts and components from trusted, reputable sources–whether it’s a transmission or engine for a Mercedes-Benz or a charge pipe upgrade for a BMW–to ensure that every repair, update, or upgrade we do is guaranteed to last. It’s that dedication that leads us to be proud to now partner with VR Speed Factory (VRSF).

VRSF is known for manufacturing high-quality, durable products designed specifically for the unique needs of import vehicles. Based in Miami, VRSF has a team of around 1,000 people, including designers, engineers, and manufacturers who are all working together to set the industry standard for superior quality.

All of the products from VRSF are designed to boost performance, particularly in turbocharged vehicles. For example, upgrading your charge pipes to aluminum from stock plastic means they won’t leak or fail on you if your car is tuned to a higher boost. Their intercoolers and intakes are designed to elevate the engine cooling system to reduce the temperature and increase the density of the air supplied to the engine, ensuring more power per engine cycle and allowing it to run at peak performance.

With parts from VRSF and a team of experienced import auto technicians putting them into action, you can feel confident that your turbocharged import will have the performance you want and the reliability and durability you need.

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If you want to take your import to the next level or ensure it’s working at peak performance,  schedule your performance tuning appointment at Triangle Imports in Raleigh and experience the difference VRSF components can make in your car. To make your appointment, call us at (919) 439-1591 or fill out our online contact form!