Modern vehicles are equipped with state of the art HVAC systems designed to provide comfort. During summer and winter, temperatures can reach extremes that make driving uncomfortable. Driving a high end European vehicle with poor A/C and heat, is out of the question for most car owners, and for good reason. You did not purchase a quality engineered vehicle to suffer sitting in it.

The trained technicians of Triangle Imports can assess and repair the A/C and heating system to keep you comfortable to your destination.

Why does a A/C and Heating System Fail?

Just like any vehicle component, A/C and Heating systems can fail over time. Moving parts, lubricants, deteriorating hoses and other factors can contribute to system failure. Regular system checks and maintenance can reduce the occurrence of problems.

Signs and Symptoms A/C Repair is Needed

  • Air coming through vents is not conditioned to temperature settingimport ac repair
  • Poor air flow on high setting
  • Odors in cabin coming from vents – musty or mildewy smells are common
  • Fogging windshield in defrost setting
  • Squealing, grinding and other noises during system operation
  • Inoperable if vehicle is stationary

How a Car Heating and Cooling System Works

Your car’s compressor pumps refrigerant through the coil system. As the engine operates, a drive belt connected to the crank shaft turns the pulley for the air compressor. The system’s expansion valve restricts the refrigerant flow, reducing the pressure causing the temperature to lower. The system fan then blows conditioned air through the vent system into the passenger cabin.

Heat is generated when hot radiator coolant passes through the heater core before returning to the radiator. The fan forces the heated air through the heater core into the cabin through the selected vents.

Parts of a Car Air Conditioning System

  • A/C compressor
  • Condenser
  • Radiator fan
  • Blower fan
  • Expansion valve
  • Evaporator
  • Refrigerant

European Auto Heating Components

  • Radiator
  • Heater hoses
  • Blower fan
  • Thermostat
  • Heater core/control valve

Common Solutions to A/C and Heater Problems

The team of Triangle Imports will visually check your car’s HVAC system to look for leaks and other visible wear signs. Afterward, the team will conduct a detailed operating inspection by testing the system through diagnostics and troubleshooting. By thoroughly evaluating the operation of the car’s HVAC system, our technicians can make proper repairs to get you driving in comfort.

A/C and Heating Checks include:

  • Checking pressure to meet specification
  • Repairing and sealing leaks
  • Changing belts and hoses
  • System Recharge
    • adding refrigerant
    • testing system pressure
  • Measuring air temps for accuracy
  • Inspection of compressor belt
  • Inspection of radiator
    • operating temperature
    • radiator pressure
  • Fan operation
  • Checking fuses, switches and other electrical components

Schedule Your European A/C and Heater Repair in Raleigh

No one wants to drive without A/C or heat. Do not wait for extreme summer or winter conditions to get your HVAC repaired. Our team is available to help you drive more comfortably.

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