While Audis are often referred to as a perfect blend of class, performance, and luxury, they are, unfortunately still manufactured with flaws and weak areas such as faulty transmissions that have been known to leave owners stranded and in need of assistance. Both current and prospective owners are highly encouraged to become aware of transmission-related issues that have been known to plague certain Audi models in order to keep their vehicles in proper working condition.

Experienced Audi Transmission Repair in Raleigh

Raleigh Audi Transmission Repair ServicesWhen your Audi’s transmission needs to be repaired or serviced for maintenance, you don’t want to take it to just anyone. When it comes to transmission maintenance and repairs, drivers have been able to count on our team at Triangle Imports for over 20 years.

To ensure you’re completely comfortable with the Audi services we provide, all Audi repairs are backed by a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty. So next time you need Audi repair in Raleigh, remember to bring your car to Triangle Imports! The experience, specialization, and unmatched customer care helped launch Triangle Imports and made it the award-winning Raleigh auto repair shop that it is today.

Triangle Imports offers timely fluid flush services as well as a handful of repair and replacement options. We service many Audi models.

Common Audi Automatic Transmission Issues

Audis are known to display transmission issues similar to their cousins, Volkswagen. The most common Audi transmission issues include:

  • Harsh shifting
  • An uncontrollable acceleration when accelerating from a complete standstill
  • The inability to shift out of a gear (getting stuck in park or drive is most typical)
  • Extremely delayed engagement when shifting gears
  • Excessive vibrations at low speeds when accelerating

Common Audi Multitronic Transmission Issues

Numerous Audis manufactured in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s come equipped with the 01J CVT transmission, which is commonly referred to as Audi’s multitronic transmission. Common issues with this transmission include:

  • The inability to go into drive or reverse
  • The complete loss of the “hill hold” function
  • Excessive trembling upon takeoff

The issues above are almost always a result of the 01J CVT transmission’s weak forward clutch that is notorious for not holding an adequate amount of power. The primary fix for a faulty 01J CVT transmission is to upgrade its forward clutch assembly from 6 friction plates to 7 friction plates. If this upgrade takes place, we also highly recommend re-flashing the vehicle’s computer in order to avoid similar issues down the road such as timing and shifting issues. Re-flashing the vehicle’s computer will ensure it lasts as long as possible!

After I put my Audi in drive, it won’t move. What should I do?

If you’re attempting to put your Audi into drive and begin driving but find that you’re unable to get into gear, a faulty throwout bearing could very well be the issue. Faulty throwout bearings can occur when clutch faces and friction plates separate but do not conjoin back together like they’re supposed to. Throw out bearings are known to prematurely wear out on numerous Audi models. Sensor and computer failures may also result in an immobile vehicle.

Failure to move in reverse?

Often times, debris break loose from a vehicle’s impeller turbine and float downstream to block key channels that engage reverse. Vehicles’ valve bodies allow gearshift solinoids to fire in specific order, which, in turn, allows vehicles to move forward and backward. If your Audi is going into reverse but failing to actually move backwards, chances are it is going into gear, but just not enough to move. In other words, constriction in a vehicle’s fluid flow through the valve body is limited, inhibiting the amount of fluid necessary to enable the vehicle to move backward.

When you get your Audi’s transmission repairs or replaced at Triangle Imports, you can expect:

      • All work is completed on-site by our experienced and certified technicians
      • No work will begin until the vehicle’s owner agrees and ha a solid understanding of the start-to-finish process
      • Any service-related detail will be discussed upfront and transparently to ensure there is no miscommunication
      • We will offer extremely affordable and cost-effective options to repair or rebuild any Audi transmissions
      • Tangible, written transmission repair and replacement estimates are provided, so the vehicle owner can determine next steps

    Audi Transmission Fluid Flush

    The most optimal way to maintain the internal components of Audi’s transmission is to ensure the fluid is changed routinely. By following this best practice, you can ensure your beloved vehicle is kept in tip-top running condition while also optimizing its lifespan and maintaining any warranty you may have. An Audi transmission fluid change requires draining all the old fluid, flushing the system to remove any debris or sludge, and refilling with new fluid. Start-to-finish timelines may differ between models.

    Audi Transmission Repair and Replacement Options

    When it comes to service your Audi’s transmission, there are a few options to consider including:

    Raleigh Audi Transmission Repair ServicesPurchase New – purchase of a brand new transmission for your Audi

    Rebuild Current Transmission – our experienced Audi mechanics will thoroughly evaluate the condition of the faulty transmission and determine if it’s salvageable and if it can be rebuilt. If indeed salvageable, we will clean and replace any worn and broken components.  All parts must meet the manufacturer’s acceptable wear limits in order to be reused.

    Transmission Rebuild Process

    A transmission rebuild requires placing your car on a lift, removing your transmission, disassembling of the gear system and components, repairing it, then reinstalling it into the vehicle. It is extremely common for Audi owners to also have the timing belt and water pump and clutch serviced at the same time as the transmission service, as the vehicle’s transmission will need to be removed for the additional services.

    Audi Vehicle Models That We Repair and Service

    • A3
    • A4
    • A4 All-Road Quattro
    • A5
    • A5 Sportback
    • A6
    • A7
    • A8

    • TT
    • R8
    • Q3
    • Q5
    • Q7
    • Q8
    • e-Tron
    • e-Tron GT
    • Q4 e-Tron

    • S3
    • S4
    • S5
    • S5 Sportback
    • S6
    • S7
    • S8
    • TTS
    • SQ5
    • SQ7
    • SQ8

    • TT RS
    • RS Q3
    • RS3
    • RS4
    • RS5
    • RS5 Sportback
    • RS6
    • RS7

    Proudly Sponsoring the Audi Club of the Carolinas

    audi club carolinas

    We proudly sponsor and support the Audi Club of the Carolinas. Our services include more than repair and maintenance. The Raleigh technicians of Triangle Imports are experts in Audi performance tuning and upgrades. Along with performance tuning, give our team a call for other Audi services such as A/C and heating repair, brake repair, and alignments.


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