At Triangle Imports, we want to help you keep your car, truck, or SUV running at its absolute best. One of the key components of maximizing your vehicle’s performance is simply by getting regular oil changes. In addition to improving performance, it can also extend the life of your vehicle.

Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

Oil lubricates your vehicle’s engine while absorbing heat, allowing your engine and the components to work smoothly and efficiently. Over time, the oil will break down as it becomes contaminated by the combustion of gases and the friction of moving metal parts. Within just a few months, what started as high-performing, clean oil turns into a thick, dark sludgy material that, if not changed, can lead to significant engine problems.

While most vehicle manufacturers recommend an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles, most import vehicles have a computerized alert system to let you know if an oil change is needed.

Benefits of Oil Changes

  • Maintains appropriate lubrication to prevent wear and reduce friction
  • Cleans and removes dirt particles and grime from the engine
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Cools engine
  • Makes your vehicle last longer
  • Improves your import car’s resale value

Choosing Triangle Imports for Your Oil Change in Raleigh

We understand that there are dozens of locations you can get an oil change in Raleigh, but why trust your car, truck, or SUV to a place that is more focused on vehicle turnover time and profits when you could trust your car to a location who specializes in imports and focuses on customer service?

At Triangle Imports, we’ve proudly served the Raleigh area since 1994 and have a team of ASE-certified technicians who know the best kind of oil to use in your vehicle, factoring in brand, mileage, performance, and even weather conditions!

Every oil change also includes a multi-point inspection, including:

  • Topping off fluids (power steering, washer, coolant)
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Changing out your oil filter
  • Visual brake check
  • Battery inspection
  • Wiper blades

We work efficiently to get you in and out quickly, but we never cut corners!

We Perform Oil Changes on the Following Brands:

Schedule Your Oil Change with Our Import Auto Technicians Today!

We know you want to keep your car running smoothly and extend its life as long as possible. Oil changes and preventative maintenance from a team of technicians who specialize in your import vehicle is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth, long-lasting, reliable vehicle. Schedule your import oil change with Triangle Imports in Raleigh by calling (919) 828-7900 or by completing the contact form.