Integrated Engineering with Triangle Imports

Triangle Imports in Raleigh uses performance parts from Integrated Engineering (IE) for AUDI and Volkswagen. Our relationship with IE parts has allowed us to narrow our performance offerings for AUDI/VW to one OUTSTANDING brand.  Their research and development, build quality and product selection are second to none!

Here are some reasons why Triangle Imports has chosen Integrated Engineering (IE) as our supplier:


IE knows the meaning of performance.

Beginning with a passion for racing, Peter & David Blais started the company in 2007 and set a new standard for performance products. Time spent prototyping, engineering, dyno testing and daily usage evaluation has resulted in top quality products that enhance your car’s performance.

IE spends required time in R&D in order to have a better product.

Many times IE is not the first to come to market with a performance part. IE may take months and even years of testing to ensure the highest degree of performance and safety.  




IE performs precision manufacturing.

IE has both a Superflow 902 engine dynamometer (“dyno”) and a Dynapack AWD in the manufacturing facility that ensure their parts are validated to improve your car’s performance. Additionally, IE has a full in-house CNC machine shop allowing them to control the production quality.

IE is a perfect fit for servicing AUDI/Volkswagen.

The products IE manufactures have exact tolerances for correct functioning and always go on with a perfect fit the first time. No tweaking or rigging is necessary. All parts are tested on the racetrack to ensure they are good enough even for a daily driver.

Triangle Imports has a strong relationship with IE.

As a result of our tenure working with Integrated Engineering, we have developed a direct line of communication with both sales and research as well as their development/technical staff. This gives us the ability to provide our customers with the best experience possible.


Integrated Engineering Performance Parts at Triangle Imports

ECU Software Tunes

IE performance tester

ECU software tuning allows us to increase the car’s power and engine performance, and enhances driving comfort. IE Software Tunes will release the horsepower potential of your car and is a quick process. (We can literally do it in your lunch hour!) ECU tuning is a simple and safe method of electronic engine tuning that allows increasing the engine’s power and torque as well as increasing driving comfort and engine efficiency. We provide multiple stages to get the most out of your car from stock or with matching hardware installed.


Air Intake Systems

Air intake from IE

Triangle Imports uses IE’s cold-air intake systems to add power, torque, and sound to your VW or Audi engine. Air intake systems force a direct high-flow path of air directly to your engine via highly engineered air system upgrades.  These are TRUE cold air intakes, not simply high flow hot air intakes!  These are true performance designs, unlike typical aftermarket intakes, that remove the restrictive factory intake systems and replace them with motorsport designed upgrades.  


Exhaust Systems

IE Exhaust

If you’re looking for more power and sound from your VW or Audi engine, you need an exhaust system from Integrated Engineering that will last a lifetime. Their line of Performance Downpipes and Exhausts release major horsepower and a bold sound. Triangle Imports installs an exhaust system as a direct bolt-on.


Intercooler Systems

IE Intercooler system

An IE Intercooler System dramatically increases horsepower by fighting heat soak and lowering intake air upgrades. [Triangle Imports has over # of intercooler builds.] These intercoolers are direct bolt-ons and are easy to install. Unlike other intercoolers on the market that use natural airflow across the core, IE’s Flow Distribution System (FDS) technology uses precisely shaped and positioned fins cast into the intake plenum to take advantage of the large core volume by using the whole core. This results in the FDS intercooler reducing intake air temperatures more so than other intercoolers, therefore offering the biggest power gains possible.


Turbo and Supercharger Upgrades

IE supercharger and turbo



With IE’s line of turbo and supercharger upgrades, you can significantly boost output on your VW or Audi. Get Triangle Imports to install a turbo or supercharger upgrade in order to increase PSI and transform your engine from sporty to a performance machine with explosive power you can rely on. 


Integrated Engineering Engine Build Parts in Raleigh

IE Engine Build parts

If you want to build your VW or Audi for big power, you want Triangle Imports to do it with Integrated Engineering engine components. Integrated Engineering provides everything you need to assemble a strong and trustworthy engine at whatever level of power you want – from mild to big. We have connecting rods, pistons, bearings, stroker kits, engine valves, springs & retainers, stroker kits, bearings, cam gears, and more!


Intake Manifolds

IE Intake Manifold

Triangle Imports can put an IE Intake Manifold on your VW or Audi engine to produce hefty horsepower and torque gains by tuning the sizes, shapes, lengths, and volume of the intake runners and plenum. These IE parts use cutting edge motorsport technology to maximize airflow and velocity for utmost performance.



Fueling Solutions

IE fueling system

Triangle Imports uses IE’s line of fueling solutions to enhance your high-powered VW or Audi engine build in order to reach new peaks with upgraded fuel pumps, surge tanks, fuel rails, injectors, specialty fittings, and more.




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